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Parody of a drawing from Rens Bijma’s thesis
by Aart-Jan Venema. (© De Volkskrant 2018)

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Latest update: 27 January 2023

Newly translated chapter: XXXII (The cornett and the trombone)

 Other recently translated chapters:

– Chapter XXVI (The violin and the viola)
– Chapter XXVIII (The flutes)
Chapter XXIX (The oboes)
– Chapter XXX (The trumpet and the timpani)

Update 02 january 2023:  

I spent the last months of 2022 searching for recent publications on Bach’s own performances. The results were disappointing.
As far as the chapters already translated are concerned, I was able to make some additions and corrections to chapters 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 20 and 30, which are (provisionally) shown in green. Furthermore, in all chapters the BWV numbers have been adapted to the new BWV3. In these, different versions of a work are indicated by sequence numbers. For example, the early version of the St Matthew Passion now has the number 244.1, and the well-known late version 244.2. If you don’t have the new BWV available, you can usually ignore the sequence numbers. The changes in the BWV numbers did not affect the date in the version of the chapters.

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This website is an English language adaptation of the original Dutch website.
33 chapters describe how Bach performed his own cantatas and passions in the two main churches in Leipzig (see Chapters tab).
In due course all lacking chapters will be added.
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